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About Aster

Aster Cosmetic Centre is one of the leading beauty group in Hong Kong. Aster has more than 500 brands and over 20,000 cosmetic products, including perfumes, skincare, makeup and personal care products. Our well-trained beauty consultants dedicated to providing professional and personalized customer service.

The retail industry is a very challenging one. Its strength or otherwise is an almost immediate indicator of the performance of the wider economy. We remain confident that our strategic business plan, our high level of motivation and our emphasis on rapid responsiveness will result in further improved profitability and greater returns for our staffs in the coming years


What are Asia Cosmetics Enterprise Company Limited (Aster's) main strengths?

We have built up a great brand that everyone knows, and we have wide range of products for our huge, loyal and region-wide customer base. We have long-established network with vendors; this excellent relationship allows us to provide a competitive price for our customers.
In addition, we always aim at training professional customer service team to maintain a superior level of service. We have extensive industry experience and a clear business focus on beauty, supported by well thought-out corporate strategies and strong management teams.


How does Asia Cosmetics Enterprise Company Limited (Aster) manage to sell quality products at such competitive prices?

Asia Cosmetics Enterprise Company Limited (Aster) applies its global sourcing and purchasing capabilities to obtain the best value products, buying in bulk to increase its bargaining power. A further factor is our excellent long-term relationships with vendors. While we pride ourselves on our ability to offer generous discounts, we also take exceptional care to ensure that everything we sell is genuine and in tip-top condition.


Building loyalty

We aim at providing quality products to customers. Our mission is to convert more and more buyers of our products and services into loyal customers.
We therefore monitor our service very closely and strengthen our service-oriented culture through various programs.
We greatly welcome you to explore our company background and discover our glorified achievements of all these years long.
We will add more of the world's finest brands and unique products to beautify your life.
Thanks for visiting, Enjoy!

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