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  • A.C. NATURAL AC Natural series is a high-performance beauty product, which can be effective against aging and skin problems caused by the environment. As we all know, plant extract has amazing strength power, long time ago, around the world have been used as drug use. Plant itself contains a variety of substances, such as polyphenols have antioxidant compounds with detoxification, and sugar can improve immunity, to reduce the adverse environmental damage.

    Want to have the charm of bright eyes? Now, you need not rely on false eyelashes! AVANCE Mascara is an excellent indispensable item! AVANCE is Japanese drug store sales of eye care products No.1! AVANCE take you into the dream of empire, making you look flawless Queen Eye!

    Skin of eye is the sensitive part of our skin. AVANCE is a subsidiary of Hollywood Cosmetics, which is Japan most professional eye cosmetic brand. AVANCE bring concepts of eye health care into eye makeup and devise a new series of product that care about eye health. AVANCE Make-up skin cares products sales ranking No.1 in Japan and its product is very popular in both in Japan and Taiwan.
  • CECEDILLE Cecedille has developed a brand-new, state-of-the-art preparation that combines an Oxygen Carrier, a revolutionary Skin Oxygen ingredient New Generation Oxygenating Protein and a Moisturizing Complex. At the age of 20, the oxygen supply reaching our skin is at its peak and skin is smooth and elastic. As the years go by, blood vessels contract and blood-flow to the skin decreases. As a result, less oxygen comes into contact with skin cells, and metabolic process and cell renewal slow down. By the age of 30, the amount of oxygen reaching skin cells has dropped by some 25%. By the age of 40, the amount of oxygen reaching skin cells has decreased by 40% or more.

    CHOIZE upgrade whitening collagen regeneration series

    whitening should not just white, revealing the natural light from the underlying skin whitening is a new definition.

    Breakthrough anti-aging compounds, the extracted essence from natural seaweed, cocoa polyphenols extracts and soy protein extracted, can effectively tighten the skin and soft tissue depth, significantly dilute the fine lines, skin feels softer, more flexible. Together with the main active whitening ingredients such as: collagen, arbutin, vitamin C, antioxidant and effective whitening ingredient, pearl essence, ginkgo leaf extract, saxifrage. During simple cleansing process, the skin can also get anti-aging, firming and whitening of the magical effect.
  • JUDO Everyone has experience acne trouble, whether men or women, severe acne trouble will affect the social life! For acne problems, JUDO using Japanese traditional "judo" concept - the "system of using soft to control hard" non-stimulating ingredients, for the treatment of acne problems without prejudice to the consequences under the skin and did not expect to achieve the perfect high-speed results!
  • NTP Thanks to its professional and Nano-Technology designed with Platinum and Colloid ingredients. NTP Nano Platinum Colloid Series can improve Micro-transfer cell system and tighten skin to help prevent sagging. Its specialized ingredients guaranteed smoother, hydrated, deeply soften skin, excellent anti-oxidant and anti-wrinkles. It radiance and visibly repair the signs of aging. Recharged healing energy and regains skin density and elasticity.
  • QB 7 Days Lasting Effects for underarms and feet, QB Cream is Japan’s longest lasting deodorant! Reduce sweat and odor for up to 7 days. Stay fresh and dry for the whole day without any stickiness. QB Deodorant cream uses latest technology to target odor. It is an excellent astringent medicated cream deodorant that prevents the smells of sweat by first eliminating bacteria on the skin. Once the bacteria are removed, it will not react with sweat to cause odor. QB's formulation is pure and natural; it does not contain any synthetic dye, Aluminum, Paraben or Perfume found in other deodorants. Using mainly herbs, the whitish cream is very skin friendly. And because of its creamy texture, it stays on skin longer (for up to 7 days) to give long lasting effects just with one single application.